Tranquil Dawn Shopping Guide: How To Bring The 2020 Colour of the Year Into Your Home


A couple of weeks ago, the hotly anticipated Dulux Colour of the Year was revealed for 2020 – a soft green hue called Tranquil Dawn.

Inspired by the morning sky and our increasing desire for a less hectic, calmer lifestyle, this pale green shade is said to enliven the senses and give our homes ‘the human touch’.

So how will we see this colour come into our homes? Unlike some colour trend predictions, Tranquil Dawn seems to be a refreshing and somewhat easy to stomach colour, that can be easily applied to all areas of the home. From the kitchen to the bedroom, on furniture and on walls, there are plenty of ways to add a touch tranquillity using this balanced, soothing shade.

We’ve put together a selection of home products to help you on your way to injecting the ‘human touch’ into your homes.

Take a look at our Tranquil Dawn-inspired
shopping guide… 

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