Summer Colour Trends 2018: Coastal Blues


To celebrate summer in style, we are doing a weekly series on this season’s most popular colour trends. We’ll be showing the colour combinations that inspire us, tips for how to introduce the scheme into your home and finally a buying guide with all of our favourite items that feature the chosen colour schemes.

In keeping with the sandy shades of last week, we are taking in the sea breeze with coastal blues.

The combination of blue and white will forever conjure up images of Greek villages and Mediterranean vistas.

It is also a combination that will never go out of style; it always looks calm and understated. This is also the reason why it is the perfect colour scheme to incorporate into your home this summer.

Blues and whites will not only carry through in to the colder months, but they will consistently look stylish year after year.

The Summer Colour PAlette

The obvious best colour friend for blue is white. The two colours work together no matter how light or dark the shade of blue is.

However, to enhance your space, introduce golden, brassy fixtures and natural, sandy furniture. Don’t be afraid to use different shades of blue in one room; as long as the main canvas is a white or cream shade, adding different blues will create a depth to the palette and bring together the whole space.

Accent colours can range from greens to oranges; remember though, these should only be a small pop of colour against the greater colour scheme and shouldn’t overpower the palette you’ve carefully established.

Coastal Blues Interior Design: McGEE Studios

Husband and wife Syd and Shea McGee have developed a bright and clean design aesthetic and a particular skill for incorporating coastal blues into their projects.

By keeping the main colours crisp whites and beiges, the couple are able to use these shades to brighten up the space. Our favourite example is the kitchen island in their Calabasas remodel, the use of Benjamin Moore’s Blue Note transforms the space from “scandi-minimalist” into a homely place for families to gather.

By carrying the colour through to the laundry room (which can be seen from the kitchen) they created a sense of continuity – we especially love the floor tiles they used in this small room.

Many of their other projects (see images below) utilise this colour scheme in more subtle ways yet still maintain the colour palette throughout the home.



How to use Coastal BLues in your Home

Walls, Doors & Cabinets

While it is possible to paint a feature wall in these calming coastal shades, sometimes it can dominate a space, making it feel overwhelming.

If you are set on featuring the colour on your walls though, try only painting the top or bottom half of the wall and leave the rest painted, panelled or tiled in white.

If this simply won’t work for your space then try painting your doors and cabinets these colours. As seen in the McGee projects, a great way to introduce blues into your home is through your cabinetry. Blue cupboards or doors in a bright, clean space create an airy, coastal feeling.

BLue Floor and Wall Tiles

We love the endless variations of blue tiling that are available. Think about a patterned blue tile splash back in your kitchen or floor in your hallway, the possibilities are endless.

Just remember, if the area the tiles will inhabit is large, ensure that the individual tiles are not too small with a busy pattern. Styles like this will distract from the rest of the room’s design.

These tiles will instantly conjure up images of cool, Mediterranean villas while brightening any space you introduce them to.


Blue Home Accessories

If you haven’t realised yet, coastal blues are best introduced as a subtle addition to a room, rather than a colour to go crazy with. Soft furnishings and textiles that feature this palette are a great way of pulling the colours in a room together.

Don’t feel limited here; anything from cushions to vases or rugs to artwork can be the one piece that brings a whole room together. Take a look at our buying guide below to see some of our favourite coastal blues home accessories.

What to Buy: Coastal Blues

Take a look at our buying guide for the best picks on how to feature this cool blue colour scheme in your home.

Left to Right

Top Row: Marinette St. Tropez Napkin £5, Maisons Du Monde Artwork £11.95, H&M Cushion £6.99

Second Row: 1882 Ltd. Plate £28, Lorena Cnals Basket £50, Newgate Clock £65

Third Row: Serax Vase £75, Dash & Albert Rug £150, Anthropologie Candle £12,

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Blue Wall and Floor Tiles: via Domino, Emily Henderson


Summer Colour Schemes - Coastal Blues

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