10 Favourites from the New Gucci Décor Collection


Maximalism gone wild: Gucci Décor


Fashion brand Gucci has developed a distinctive style in recent years. The evolution of the brand under the helm of creative director Alessandro Michele has brought bright colours and maximalist design into the spotlight.


Michele's introduction of bold colour combinations, wild florals, embroidery - and most notably, insects - has crafted a new aesthetic for the brand, one that distinguishes them from their competitors (who else has a model skateboarding through a Berlin mall holding a peacock?).

Their new décor collection – designed by Alessandro Michele – was released yesterday and featured patterns and colours as bold and daring as the fashion house’s clothing designs. In the same way Gucci has dominated the “more is more” trend in the fashion world, their décor designs are the ultimate maximalist pieces to fill your home with.


Check out our favourites below.


Pineapple Print Wallpaper

Heron Print Wallpaper

Heron Print Wallpaper

Panther Vase

Kingsnake Print Metal Folding Table

Velvet Cushion with Bee Embroidery

Star Eye Vase

Tropical Jaquard Armchair

Pink Eye Fold up Table

Herbarium Beetle Incense Burner


Products from: Gucci.com

Runway and Skateboarding: via Hunger TV

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