4 ways to use neutrals in your home


Neutrals have had a colourful makeover and we can’t wait to show you how you can start to use them in your home.

Bold tones have become increasingly popular in recent months (Gen Z yellow being our favourite), with trends such as maximalist glam dominating the spotlight. If you’ve been following our latest blog posts, then you’ll know that in light of this, more minimalist trends such as Scandi have taken somewhat of a backseat to these brighter colour schemes. The shift in design trends has opened up the opportunity for a new spectrum of soft and sophisticated colourful neutrals to enter our homes.


It’s time to banish any misconceptions you have about bland “neutral” white or beige rooms. These neutrals are all about washed out, subdued hues that work together to provide a sense of continuity throughout a space. Best of all, when used correctly, these new neutrals will create an air of effortless chic that will allow your home to transcend trends.

Neutral doesn’t mean white

LIV for Interiors / 4 ways to use neutrals in your home

We hear so many people confuse white and beige interiors with neutral interiors. They’re not one and the same; stark, white interiors belong to the Scandi trend where white walls and minimalist home décor rule. Neutrals on the other hand can be a whole range of colours depending on your preference. Think of your favourite colour or colour scheme and picture how they can be utilised in a neutral space. We love pale pastels, sandy oranges, warm terracotta shades and even washed sea foam greens. It is time to redefine what neutrals mean to you and start visualising how you would use them in your space.


Don’t stick with one colour

So, you’ve chosen your core colour and are ready to start painting and decorating, well we are going to stop you right there: this isn’t a block colour space, it’s a neutral space. To create a sense of depth and dimension in your home, balance this central colour with two or three other complementary shades. Create a mood board based around this colour, or head to your local DIY store and pick out colour samples or shade cards to get an idea of your desired ambience. By taking the time to go through this process, your result will be a well-rounded space that oozes class and sophistication – it’s also a great way to create movement and flow in open-plan living spaces.


Don't Neglect your Blinds

LIV for Interiors / 4 ways to use neutrals in your home

So often we redecorate our homes with a fresh coat of paint or new home accessories but neglect to update our blinds in the same way. Nothing throws off the styling of a room more than totally mismatched blinds or window fittings. You could have a beautifully decorated, neutral home, but if the blinds are old and covered in a bright colourful pattern that clashes with the rest of the space then something is going to feel off.

The Reflections range from Luxaflex is awash with neutral shades and patterns that mean you can resolve this issue (and avoid it happening in future renovations). The vast array of fabrics means you don’t have to worry about getting your heart set on a neutral colour scheme before later realising you can’t find blinds to coordinate with it.

The right blinds will seamlessly tie the whole space together and help to really provide that air of “put-together” chic that we love. Bonus tip: Many of the brand’s roller blind fabrics are treated with Luxaflex® DustBlock® making them antistatic. It also ensures they are dirt and moisture repellent, perfect for any homes with small children or pets. There is really nothing worse than your classy neutral home being ruined by grubby hand or paw marks!

LIV for Interiors / 4 ways to use neutrals in your home


Use Natural Textures

Using natural textures in a neutral space is a great way to introduce a sense of homeliness; they are what help keep a space from feeling bland or impersonal. If you aren’t quite ready to have vases of pampas grass scattered all over your home (we don’t blame you) then try to introduce these textures in a more subtle way. The fabrics of the Reflections range feature botanical prints and soft textures to add an element of nature and dimension into your space.

These subtle patterns aren’t just for show though, the woven or printed patterns help filter the intensity of the light coming through them, meaning you can avoid harsh lighting destroying the ambience of your new neutral home. Our favourites are Odion and Nalin; both fabrics deliver the neutral calm that you are looking for but the 3-dimensional structure of Nalin and soft geometric pattern of Odion give a unique edge to your home design.

We also love Jacen, the soft sea green colour of the fabric would make it right at home in a neutral colour scheme of soft greys, washed out greens and light, subtle blues. Remember, these neutrals are all about expressing your unique style, and that extends to the blind fabric you choose.

LIV for Interiors / 4 ways to use neutrals in your home

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