28 Beautiful Home Office Ideas to Pin Right Now


Planning your new home office starts here.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, work from home or need a space for your side hustle these office spaces will give you the motivation to turn off Netflix and get to work. No matter your space or style, these 21 home offices mean work will never be a chore again.


Small Spaces

We all want the perfect home office, but not everyone necessarily has the room for a dedicated work / study space. These homes all cleverly utilise those common nooks, crannies and box rooms to create unique, inspirational and functional workspaces.


Palatial Productivity

If you have the room for it, then go ahead and make your office a place you can think and pace – somewhere to really ruminate on your ideas and allow inspiration to run freely.


Bright & Colourful 

Struggling to stay alert or focussed on your work? Stop reaching for the coffee and start reaching for the paint pot. These stimulating backgrounds are bound to keep you awake and happy in your workspace; don’t feel limited to one particular colour or scheme, pick the colours you love and use them in ways that inspire you the most.


A Natural World

We all know the benefits of having house plants are not limited to simply their aesthetic appeal. Various studies have discovered that they also boost productivity and happiness. By bringing the outside in, you reap the calming benefits of nature without having to leave your desk.


Clean & Minimalistic

You know what they say: clear space, clear mind. If you’re the kind of person who needs their workflow to be clean and organised then these minimalistic home offices are the perfect place to draw inspiration from.



Maybe you share your working space with a friend or significant other. If that’s the case then there are so many options to choose from; think about how you communicate while working and which layout is best suited to your workflow.


Dark & Introspective

Some of us need a cosy space to curl up and answer emails; these dark spaces are the perfect place to incorporate old world charm into your work area. Think of the dark walls as a blank canvas that allows you to get lost in your thoughts. 

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