15 Minutes with Cate St. Hill


we spent 15 minutes with interiors blogger and Instagram Style Icon Cate St Hill. Read on for her design tips and favourite interiors shop.

First Things first, tell us about yourself!

I’m an interiors writer and stylist based in London. I blog about simple design for everyday living and help clients create stylish, minimal spaces in an easy, accessible and affordable way.


What inspired you to start blogging, and what do you love most about it?

I set up my blog in 2011 when I was first starting out as an architecture and design journalist for a print magazine – I wanted a space online that was all mine, where I could write about anything and everything that caught my eye.

Over the years I honed in on my passion – interiors. I love having a creative outlet, where I can share my own interior projects, styling and photography. I also want to help like-minded people, no matter their budget, get the most out of their homes and create timeless, considered spaces that are designed around them. 


Tell us a little more about your home and what made you choose this space?

My home is simple and pared-back, I wanted to create a space that would evolve with me and stand the test of time, rather than falling victim to trends. I live in a Victorian terraced house in south London that I’m slowly making my own, room by room.

When I first saw this house – a bit unloved and in need of some TLC – I could see it’s potential to become a lovely, light, airy home. The renovations have been all about stripping back the property to its former glory, opening spaces up, simplifying things and creating a neutral backdrop for everyday life to take place.


You and your home have such a distinctive, “cool but casual” style, where do you go for design inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from outside the home: travelling to different cities, visiting design events in Milan, Stockholm and Copenhagen, going to beautiful interior shops, even just walking around London and bringing some of the neutral, grey tones inside.



You’re known for your love of everything and anything grey, what do you love so much about this shade?

I like the calming effect it has – for me it helps create spaces that are tranquil and peaceful. I like combining grey with monochrome details and green accents to create spaces that are uplifting and refreshing.


You started the #thesimpleeveryday tag and it now has over 81,000 images tagged with it. What inspired you to create it and how does it feel to know it has become so popular?

I’m so pleased that it’s resonated with people. I wanted to inspire people to take a moment out of their hectic lives to focus, celebrate the mundane and find simplicity everyday.

We’re all busy rushing around, that there’s joy to be found in coming home at the end of the day, shedding away the stresses and enjoying the simple things. It’s just about being conscious about creating moments of pure simplicity – whatever feeds your soul and makes you feel refreshed and renewed.


Okay, now on to a trickier question… what is your favourite room in your home and why?

Easy - my kitchen! It’s open to the living room, so both spaces are my favourite. The kitchen is IKEA  – it’s cleverly organised and really makes the most of the tight space.

In my previous place I had a small, galley kitchen that was separate from the living room. Here I love having one large, flexible space that’s the hub of the home.


If you could change anything, anywhere in your home what would it be and why?

My home is still a work in progress, it’s far from perfect and there’s still lots of jobs to be done. I want to decorate the hallway and paint the stairs. Then when I’m finished with all the rooms, it will probably be time to start again on the first!

If you could only shop at one interiors store where would it be?

Skandium, they have all the best Scandinavian interior brands under one roof.


What’s next for you and your blog?

I’m focusing more on my interior design services and starting some really exciting projects that I can’t wait to share. I’m also exploring the possibility of starting some styling workshops, so watch this space!

Lightning Round


1.     If I could live anywhere it would be… anywhere near my friends and family

2.     My idol/person I look up to the most is… Ilse Crawford, I greatly admire her philosophy as a designer, putting human needs and desires at the centre of everything she does

3.     My ideal day would be spent… walking along the estuary near Padstow in Cornwall on a sunny day with my dogs before eating fish and chips on the beach

4.     The best purchase I’ve ever made… my dog, he makes me smile everyday!

5.     I am happiest when… I’m at home

6.     My pet peeve is… messy interiors

7.     My favourite book is… anything from Persephone books, they reprint neglected fiction and non-fiction by 20th century (mostly) women writers, my favourite writer of theirs is Mollie Panter-Downes

8.     Favourite movie… Notting Hill

9.     I couldn’t live without… my camera

10.  If I could only eat one meal for the next year it would be… pasta, I’m always eating pasta!

Find Cate on her blog www.catesthill.com an on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter at  @catesthill


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