Why Vinyl Click Flooring should be on Your Renovating Radar

Imagine renovating the floors in your home all by yourself, without the help of an installer. Sounds like an unnecessary headache, right? Well that’s not the case with vinyl click flooring. We are happy to report that vinyl flooring has made some innovative advancements over the years, and we’ve recently discovered the novelty that is vinyl click.

You don’t need any special glue, skilled professional, or lengthy timeframe to renovate your floors. Just a standard utility knife, a good day to dedicate to the renovation and your own will power to transform your living space! How? Let us give you a break down. Each plank and tile of these vinyl floors are framed with an interlocking edge that you can literally click, snap or lock together in an instant. So now that we know it is simple to install, we have broken down the must-have décor trends of vinyl flooring.

LIV for Interiors / How to lay Vinyl Click Flooring

vinyl click flooring is the new generation of luxury floors

When you hear of vinyl flooring, what comes to mind? Perhaps we’re not the only ones who had this idea that vinyl flooring was an outdated, budget plastic flooring for those cheap solution home renovations. Well, let us be the first to admit that we were wrong.

These days, naturalistic wood and stone floors are all the rave for home renovators, and best of all, vinyl flooring comes in so many realistic designs, not only are we are spoiled for choice, but we leave our house guests impressed with authenticity of our floors!

Whilst it’s easy to argue that you can buy laminate flooring that equally realistically captures the aesthetics of its natural role models, laminate cannot quite achieve the status of a friendly home renovation partner that vinyl flooring can. Standard utility knives are all that are needed to adjust the dimensions of the vinyl planks in your home. Trust us!

LIV for Interiors / How to lay Vinyl Click Flooring

Sleek Stones

If you fancy the minimalist lifestyle and you’re looking to introduce some modern sophistication into your home, then vinyl click stone tiles are a must have piece. We explored some stone decors in the Gerflor Senso Clic Premium collection and were captivated by the design possibilities for our own homes. There were marbles, dark slates and smooth stone structures that not only look deceptively real, but the surface feel captures the natural grains and minerals of these materials to perfection. We also love that most modern vinyl floors can now be installed over underfloor heating systems. If you can tell us a more pleasant and luxurious feeling than warm feet over stylish stone floors, please share! – Who said stone tiles weren’t cosy?


Rustic Woods


Earthy and organic tones have always been a classic trend. Embracing all things natural brings an atmosphere of tranquility that suits perfectly with every nature-loving individual. What we are most impressed with, is the wood grain textures of the floors beneath our feet.  Light woods open up your living space, bringing simplicity and freshness. But if you ask us, our ultimate rustic wooden floor interior involves those deep dark tones.

LIV for Interiors / How to use vinyl click flooring

EXOTIC tiles

Aside from the classic stones and woods, we are captivated by these exotic tiles by Tarkett. We strongly believe that you should be bold in your choice of flooring, and these tiles can elevate the atmosphere of every room you install them in. Be adventurous with your interior designs – go one step further than accent walls, create an accent floor!


out with the old

LIV for Interiors / How to use vinyl click flooring

If you’re anything like us, the thought of renovating the bathroom or kitchen floor is not a task we would want to undertake ourselves! But not to fret, many modern vinyl floors are now water resistant making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. And with click vinyl floors, the renovation is so much simpler that even we hobbyists with no special floor fitting knowledge can install it in no time at all. This copper style slate brings a spa-like atmosphere to the bathroom; and introduces the perfect hint of sophisticated elegance through its warm bronze tones.

Now, vinyl flooring is available in many different installation methods these days, but the click system is definitely a trend we can follow.

Depending on your design tastes, whether it be the classic wood designs or modern stones, or even the more bold patterned tiles, there’s a vinyl floor out there with the design and colour for everyone.

You can find these vinyl click flooring collections and more on the online shop of BRICOFLOR. Enjoy planning your next flooring renovation!

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