Trend Spotter - Natural Geometrics


Geometric patterns and designs continue to be a really dominant trend for 2017. Here at LIV for Interiors, we especially like to see geometrics combined with natural materials like wood, stone and leather.


The eye-catching geometric pattern of the Marquetry design by Heliot and Co magnificently captures this design trend. The organic natural properties of the wood are contrasted against the machine-made geometric precision of the cut marquetry design.

Intricate machine tooling on the Burberry DK88 is an update on a classic briefcase, transforming it into an item of high fashion. Whilst the cool side table with a geometric pyramid base from is aptly named Knock Out! Our thoughts precisely!


The Helicopter light by Asaf Weinbroom and Stilla clock available from WallpaperSTORE are timeless pieces of design that have grown from this new aesthetic.


Our best buy is the geometric faceted wood vase we found on Etsy!


Look out for our next Trend Spotter article - where we ask where do we go post tropical? As we look for patterns and designs that will be big in 2018.