How to Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

Katie Georgeson is Brand Manager at the British kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves. Here, she shares her top four tips for achieving a contemporary kitchen look.

The kitchen is the beating heart of many households but, with so many trends, layouts and colour schemes that you can try out, it can be difficult to know how best to achieve your desired kitchen look.

More and more people are opting for a contemporary kitchen to give their home the ultimate on-trend aesthetic. So, if you’re thinking of redesigning yours to keep up with the times, read on for my top four tips that will help.

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

Go for an Industrial Aesthetic

Traditionally filled with durable metal workstations and plenty of cabinetry for storage, the industrial kitchen trend is now back and better than ever. Returning with a modern twist, the contemporary version sees co-ordinated dark cupboards juxtaposed against polished steel countertops — mimicking the hardy metallic vibe of a professional kitchen. Recreate other elements from the traditional look with large metal appliances, like fridges and stoves, to encourage your inner-chef to come out more often.

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

Real industrial kitchens use open shelving and hanging utensils to make a bold statement about the room’s purpose. So, making use of shelves to display your pots, pans, and appliances will give a welcoming yet professional feel to your kitchen. Modern can still be homely!

Top tip: For a real expert look, add a magnetic plate to your walls as a contemporary way of showing off your knife set and ensuring your commonly-used tools are always close to hand!


Pick a Modern Colour Scheme

While many of us opt for one tried-and tested-shade to give our kitchen a simple yet timeless aesthetic, experimenting with modern colours and designs will keep your home up to date.

Incorporating a monochrome colour scheme into your kitchen will give it an instant style update, so make use of black and white this year. As both colours are typically used to make bold visual statements, be sure to make either the black or the white more dominant than the other.

While white is commonly associated with elegance, the black can be used as an accent colour to highlight special features like worktops, islands, or key cabinetry.

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

Alternatively, ditching a classic scheme and getting more adventurous can look just as great. Colour is finally creeping back into the modern-day kitchen, and anything is possible. Opt for quirky two-tone cabinets, or think outside of the box and go for a colour you’ve never considered before — it could be the key to transforming your kitchen into a showstopper!


Reap the benefits of integrated appliances

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

If you’re tired of your kitchen looking cluttered, integrated appliances could offer the perfect solution. Key features of your kitchen, such as your microwave and fridge, can be built into your cupboards, giving the space a stylish and streamlined look. This is a popular tactic among those with open living spaces, as it can help to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Additionally, hiding your noisiest appliances, such as your washing machine or dishwasher, behind cabinet doors can add a slight element of soundproofing, so you can bury your head in your favourite cook books without any rude interruptions!


Create a Space for Entertaining

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

If you often invite your friends and family round for tea, or you wish you could entertain more often, why not create an area for those special occasions?

For get-togethers that tend to be quite small and have a casual vibe, installing a kitchen island or breakfast bar could be the perfect solution. These will typically come with two or three stools, so your guests can hang out with you in the kitchen and then enjoy your dishes fresh out the oven. You’ll often be able to choose from a wide range of worktop options, so you can use it to add an extra dash of style to your space, too.

LIV for Interiors / Transform your Kitchen with a Contemporary Look

However, if you prefer being able to sit down for meals with your family on a regular basis, a more traditional dining set-up will work best. Invest in a high-quality table with a modern finish, and make sure it has plenty of chairs so everyone can get involved. As soon as your contemporary dining area starts to take shape, you can call round your nearest and dearest and invite them to take it for a spin!  

Your kitchen has the potential to be the showpiece of your home, so make sure you’re designing a stylish yet functional space to cook, host, and socialise in. With a helping hand from these tips, you’ll have the perfect contemporary kitchen you can’t wait to show off.

Sources:  All images found via Pinterest or on Unsplash

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