Top 4 Ways to Transform your Kitchen


Remodelling your kitchen can be a daunting experience; with the vast array of styles to choose from and endless decisions you have to make throughout the process, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the options. To give you a little inspiration and make the process easier, we have picked out 4 of our favourite ways to transform your kitchen. 


Inject Some Colour

Clean, white minimalistic interiors have been extremely popular in recent years, and while we all love a bit of scandi-chic (who doesn't), sometimes it is fun to interject a little colour into your space. Not only does colour look good, but entering a room and knowing that it features your favourite palettes and styles is an amazing feeling. Masterclass Kitchens' Roma range is perfect for giving your kitchen a unique twist. They have 25 colours for you to choose from for your space. Using hues for your cupboards creates a calming, beautiful space you will love; we are obsessed with the cool, bright combination of Coastal Mist and White, perfect for those who want to inject colour into their space while maintaining a clean, minimal vibe. 


Deliciously dark

If you're looking for a dramatic change, try embracing the increasingly popular trend of "the dark kitchen". These spaces are popping up everywhere at the moment and we are a little bit in love with how understatedly different they are. Now, nobody is saying you have to paint all of your kitchen cabinets black, instead, think dark greys, blues and greens. We love this Ladbroke kitchen from Naked Kitchens. The deep green cupboards and walnut breakfast bar give the space a chic, sophisticated feel without the dark colours being oppressive or overpowering the space. 

British Standard  Kitchen036.jpg

The DIY-er’s Dream

If you're someone who can perfectly envisage their future kitchen but doesn’t want to deal with inevitable struggle of trying to convey this vision to your designer (while paying for the privilege) then British Standard Cupboards is the perfect kitchen company for you. You design your kitchen and its layout using their vast range of cabinets and then choose the pieces that are required. They arrive fully assembled and painted with an undercoat of "broken white" eggshell, allowing you to paint them yourself, too. With an average kitchen costing £8,000 they are perfect for anyone who wants affordable quality in their home. 


natural textures

If colour isn't really your thing, think about introducing natural materials into your kitchen. This kitchen by The Main Company features a reclaimed engineered pine wood finish of Oldham Mill Board, solid oak drawer boxes and lacquered birch plywood carcasses. Much in the same way that Diane Keaton designed her home, this kitchen contrasts industrial greys and urban fittings with the natural texture of reclaimed wood breakfast bar to create a rustic, stylish space. This is a perfect example of how to create a unique space by using neutral tones. This simple twist on the traditional kitchen styles makes for a kitchen that will only improve with age. 


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