The World’s Favourite Colour: Marrs Green

Forget Pantone’s Greenery, according to the results of a global survey by papermakers G. F Smith, with over 100 countries taking part, Marrs Green has officially been voted the world’s favourite colour!


You might be asking yourself, why Marrs Green? Well, according to Caroline Till, editor of Viewpoint Colour Magazine, this teal hue resonates with so many of us due to a ‘yearning for the harmony of nature’. As our lives become increasingly digitalised and the world faces more political and social upheaval, we’re seeking to reconnect with nature more than ever. With its natural tone and calming appeal, Marrs Green promises to transport you to the furthest corners of the globe, evoking the crystal clear waters found on tropical beaches and vast rainforests full of vibrancy.


Named in honour of survey participant Annie Marrs, this rich shade may seem overwhelming at first, but once toned down and combined with neutral accents and organic materials, it is perfect for adding a sleek look to any interior. Whether you’re after a hint of this new hue in some funky tiling or keen to create a bold look with painted walls or soft velvet furnishings, Marrs Green is definitely a colour to experiment with in your home!