Summer Colour Trends 2018: Terracotta


To celebrate summer in style, we are doing a weekly series on this season’s most popular colour trends. We’ll be showing the colour combinations that inspire us, tips for how to introduce the scheme into your home and finally a buying guide with all of our favourite items that feature the chosen colour schemes.

We’re kicking things off with a post on Caliente’s cool summer cousin, Terracotta.

With its rusty, warm undertones, Terracotta is the earthy evolvement of everyone’s favourite blush pink trend; this is a great natural palette for anyone who wants to embrace the warmth of summer without the brighter shades we are seeing in the ice cream pastels trend.


The Summer Colour PAlette

It is well known that combining this colour with cooler pinks and neutral greys is a great way to build your summer colour scheme.

However, this year the trend is moving towards introducing an element of contrast to your palette; our favourite way to do this is matching this earthy colour with a cool pistachio green and hint of gold.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Morocco

The result is a scheme that’s evocative of lazy, Mediterranean farmhouses, where the warmth of the afternoon heat has you running indoors to rest your feet on the cool terracotta-tiled floor. 

This is a calm and soothing scheme that is colourful without being bright or bold, it exudes understated elegance in a new and sophisticated way.

Terracotta Interior Design: Omar's Place

A favourite example of this summer colour palette in action is hip new restaurant, Omar’s Place in Pimlico London.

The polished Terracotta walls and pistachio-green terrazzo (our favourite pattern trend) counter and table tops make walking into the restaurant feel like you’re stepping into a Mediterranean taverna. 

The Egyptian chef, Omar Shabaan is showcasing the best of eastern-Mediterranean cooking in this beautifully converted former pub.

The combination of Stella Concept’s interior design and Shabaan’s carefully curated menu make Omar’s place the ultimate culinary experience (without actually having to leave Zone 1, let alone the country).

Book online now at

How to use Terracotta in your Home

Terracotta Walls

As tempting as it may be to paint an entire feature wall in this warm clay tone, we advise you to steer clear of this approach.

Similarly to the pastels trend we talked about earlier this year, the temperamental British climate cannot sustain such a warm bold colour in rooms with colder light - much in the same way that terracotta clothes looked beautiful on tanned models but washed out paler complexions on the catwalk.

If you insist on featuring this colour on your walls, then think about introducing it to spaces that already evoke feelings of warmth, for example the wall behind your hob or oven or flanking a fireplace.

Terracotta Floor Tiles

This summer colour scheme works perfectly as flooring in busy, active areas of the house such as kitchens and hallways.

They are warm and homely, and will evoke similar feelings in the space they inhabit.

Introduce these tiles into a bathroom floor for example and the result won’t be nearly as pleasing; the flooring will feel at odds with the cool, clean nature of a bathroom.

Terracotta Home Accessories

Aside from the classic terracotta plant pots that adorn patios across the nation, the scheme has been featured in various home accessories and soft furnishings in recent years.

Try an earthy, terracotta rug in your living space, balanced with soft greys, pinks and greens, or as a feature pendant lamp – see the example in our buying guide below.

With this summer colour palette, less is definitely more, so try not to get too carried away when purchasing your accessories…something we’re struggling with; this warm colour is just far too inviting!


What to Buy: Terracotta

Take a look at our buying guide for the best picks on how to feature the terracotta colour scheme in your home.

Left to Right

Top Row: Day Birger Et Mikkelson Rug £121, Bloomingville Bowl £32, House Doctor Clock £100

Second Row: Another Country Pitcher £58, Muuto Pendant Lamp £155, Muuto Candelabra £75

Third Row: HAY Dish £25, Nomrann Copenhagen Caraffe £30, Serax Planter, £23

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Summer Colour Trends - Terracotta

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