Summer Colour Trends: Sandy Neutrals


To celebrate summer in style, we are doing a weekly series on this season’s most popular colour trends. We’ll be showing the colour combinations that inspire us, tips for how to introduce the scheme into your home and finally a buying guide with all of our favourite items that feature the chosen colour schemes.

Following on from the earthy, calming shades that terracotta brought us last week, we’re taking a look at the new sandy neutrals.

As the clean, white Scandi trend becomes less and less popular, these sandy shades are quickly becoming the new neutral colour palette to use in your home this summer.

This scheme is great because the shades will carry through into the colder seasons and last far longer than some of the bolder trends.

The Summer Colour PAlette

If terracotta was warm and earthy, then the sandy canvas is its cool counterpart. Because of the natural “darkness” of this colour, when paired with greys and blacks it creates a sophisticated palette that can be easily personalised through your use of accessories.

Because of the understated nature of these shades, pairing them with bold, contrasting colours can often dominate the space. These colours work perfectly with khaki greens or warm oranges; the two incorporate into the palette as accent colours rather than an obvious contrast.

This scheme is so versatile; it has the ability to conjure images of desert safaris and sandy beaches, simply by the colours you pair it with.


Sandy Neutrals Interior Design: Bright Shed

This beachfront pad in Portugal is a perfect example of how to balance this colour palette in your home. The walls are clad in tongue and groove panelling and painted white to provide a canvas on which to incorporate the natural colours and textures of the accompanying furniture and accessories.

When talking about her home, owner of the property Charlotte Chateauneuf says “nothing shouts too loudly… It’s a quiet scheme just like its surroundings”. 

The mix of canvas, sandy neutrals is offset by shades of orange in the bedroom and the teak bathroom basin.

Charlotte’s home is great inspiration for anyone who isn’t sure how to use neutrals in their home but is desperate to start. So get pinning!

Original interview found in Homes & Gardens July 2018

Bright Shed Living Room.jpg

How to use Sandy Neutrals in your Home

Neutral Paint Colours

One way to add a neutral depth to your home is through the introduction of a statement wall painted in either a canvas or beige hue.

When utilised correctly this will give a feeling of warmth and familiarity to a room. Ensure your other walls are a neutral shade and your furniture isn’t too bold or colourful.

If you have a smaller space then consider doing a half wall in this colour as a way to incorporate a neutral palette into your home without dominating the room or making it feel darker or smaller.

Natural Textures

If you’re happy with your walls as they are, try introducing home accessories that feature natural materials such as wicker, wood, cane and palm fibre.

Think, wicker baskets, woven rattan wardrobes – we have a great example in the buying guide below – even bamboo pieces work great for this colour trend.

Finally, as a deviation from the classic monstera leaf you see everywhere, introduce this year’s new, fashionable houseplant: pampas grass. Its colour and texture will be the perfect addition to your new, neutral home.

What to Buy: Neutrals

Take a look at our buying guide for the best picks on how to feature this sandy colour scheme in your home.

Left to Right

Top Row: Vincent Sheppard Lamp £310, Habitat Jug £32, Nkuku Pouf £120

Second Row: H&M Home Bath Mat £12.99, Maisons du Monde Wardrobe £1049, Bloomingville Basket £31

Third Row: Sanderson Throw £135, Broste Copenhagen Bowl £29, Habitat Pestle & Mortar, £50

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Summer Colour Trends - Sandy Neutrals

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