Spring into summer: Ashley Wilde’s top homeware trends for 2018


Now that we’re approaching the end of the year and the start of 2018, we’ve been thinking about what will be big in our homes’ soft furnishings going forward. Isabella Pagnotta, textile designer at Ashley Wilde Group, explores some of the inspiring homeware looks and trends that aren’t to be missed for spring/summer, and shows us how you can go about bringing them to life in every room.




As our lives become increasingly busy, the Serenity trend reveals a growing need for our homes to serve as sanctuaries in which to relax and recharge. With a fresh colour scheme of natural tones and jade, blues and mint, Serenity mixes textures and natural surfaces, like cork and marble with copper and gold accents.

The calming and restorative palette of the Serenity trend is perfect for a bedroom, where you can embrace the botanical look by framing floral prints or pressed flowers in simple black and white frames. This trend is all about soft colours and mixing textures; dream in Karl Lagerfeld’s Flourish bed linen, with soft florals and delicate nude and blue tones; alternatively, why not layer your bedding with pale-coloured, chunky knit throws, or a lightweight waffle throw as we head towards the end of the summer months?

Flourish FINAL for email.jpg




Bright primary colours and vibrant geometrics take centre stage with the Electric trend. With its bold, bright palette, adding vibrant coloured cushions and coloured glass accessories like vases in your home is a great way to embrace this scheme, while still maintaining a simple look. To fully make the most of it, colourful rugs and furniture pieces, upholstered in contrasting tones, are perfect for making a statement in your home – think bright, geometric wall coverings and LED lighting.





An eclectic trend that marries inspiration from traditional printmaking and woven techniques, with stylised florals and paisleys in rich pottery colours, the Global Traveller trend sees traditional techniques meet city living. For an update on the colonial look, upholster furniture in corduroy and velvet fabrics in warm, neutral tones, and layer with rust-coloured velvet cushions and deep indigo tones. Look to handmade products and traditional craftsmanship for your accessories.

The Ashley Wilde Alaska velvet throws, in deep navy and warm cream, are ideal touches to embrace this trend.


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