How to make your guests feel at home this Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until you have to make room for 10 people in your 3-bedroom house. Hosting for relatives over the Christmas period can be a stressful affair: hallways full of shoes, half unpacked suitcases and weekend bags piled up in the corner of every room.

To help take a little stress out of the festive season we have pulled together our definitive guide to making your guests feel at home this Christmas. From spacious homes to cosy flats, no space is too big or small to fill with festive cheer.

LIV for Interiors / How to make your guests feel at home this Christmas

Find out who’s coming

We all have that flaky family member who is impossible to get hold of and never RSVPs straight away, so the sooner you start planning your Christmas the more time you have to ensure everyone is coming.

If you haven’t already, hop onto the family group chat and decide on who is hosting Christmas this year. Then email, text or write to everyone who is coming and find out what day they are likely to arrive, how long they will be staying and how they’ll be arriving. Once people start getting back to you you’ll be able to work out how many people will be staying, what days there may be an extra bed free and if anyone needs to be picked up from the train station/ airport.

Finally, write it all down. Put it in a “Christmas” ical and share it with everyone involved, write it on your kitchen calendar, whatever works best for you. Now, we know this sounds like a long-winded way of doing things but you’ll thank us when you’re looking at your beautifully organised calendar.

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Get your Furniture in order

Whether you are hoping to create a guest bedroom worthy of Monica’s in Friends, or if you’re simply looking to find a stylish, yet efficient sofa bed we’ve pulled together a collection of the best options.

Single Sofa Beds

Ideal for those smaller spaces, these stylish chairs fold out to become a fully functioning, comfortable guest bed. If you have more room to play with, they’re a great way to sneak an extra bed in alongside your sofa bed. The two styles we’ve chosen below prove you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality on a budget.


Sofa Beds

The classic guest solution, a sofa bed is a staple for any large gatherings this Christmas. If you have a guest bedroom then there could be some squabbling but let’s be honest, rather the sofa bed than the floor. We’ve got 2 and 3-seater options for you below to prove that you don’t have to have a big home to accommodate a sofa bed.

Day Beds

The saviour of box bedrooms across the nation, the day bed is the perfect way to utilise these smaller spaces. When you don’t have guests staying, the bed can be made up like a sofa, so you have the perfect place to curl up and read or lounge around binge-watching your favourite Netflix series.

Guest Beds

For those of you who have a larger guest room, choosing a guest bed can sometimes be tricky; it’s important to have something comfortable but inexpensive (especially if you don’t plan on having many people staying throughout the year). We’ve found some stylish yet affordable options to give you an idea of what you can get for your money.

LIV for Interiors / How to make your guests feel at home this Christmas

Finishing Touches

Okay so you’ve figured out where everyone is going to sleep, now is the time to add in some of those finishing touches. Small additions are the key to making a guest space feel homely and inviting.

Invest in some Christmas bedding and festive-themed cushions to help create a cosy, seasonal atmosphere for your guests. If you have a guest room, have a winter candle burning when your visitors arrive; the scent will create a comforting ambience that melts away any travel stress.

If you want to give your guests the ultimate hotel experience, placing their favourite Christmas chocolates on their pillows is a fun but thoughtful finishing touch.

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