How to give your kid’s room a superhero makeover

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Since the release of the first Iron Man movie 10 years ago, children have been hooked on the Marvel universe and the sense of escapism that the film franchise offers. From Scarlet Witch to Spider-Man, there really is a hero for everyone! So we have partnered with Exklusiv flooring to show you how you can inject a little Marvel magic into your kid’s bedroom. These makeover suggestions range from simple accessory changes to jaw-dropping flooring upgrades that are perfect for your little hero’s bedroom or play space.


Superhero bedroom décor

For the comic book-obsessed kids out there, what better way to make their superhero fantasies come to life than incorporating the iconic characters into the room’s décor. These Batman and Superman-themed wallcoverings from Galerie are great for any DC comic fans.

However, if your child lives and breathes Marvel then Exklusiv’s Marvel comic book flooring is the only option for their bedroom décor. The designs feature the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain America and Ant-Man, to name just a few, so there’s no chance that your child’s favourite will be missed out – you can see the full artwork here.

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The click-fit, layered flooring is finished with a high-gloss and scratch-resistant surface, meaning the floor will stay looking pristine even after the most dramatic of playtimes; the designs are also water resistant, so any spillages can be wiped away with ease. Order your 99p sample here to get a slice of the Marvel universe in your home.

Superhero Bedroom Accessories

If your child has just seen the first Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy film and won’t stop responding with “I am Groot” to everything you ask them, then they’ll love these small decoration pieces. Bedroom accessories can often be relatively inexpensive and picked up on your next trip to the Disney store or Argos. This Marvel print Phillips lampshade from Argos is a bargain at only £7.50. Featuring Captain America and The Hulk, these fearless Avengers can light up your children’s bedrooms night after night. Much like our homes are a reflection of our tastes and passions, a child’s bedroom offers a personal space in which to express themselves; small items such as this Spider-man stationery set or Avengers Duvet Cover are a wonderful and easy way to incorporate your child’s love for all things Marvel into the room.


If you’d like a more impactful piece of décor for your kid’s room but aren’t in the position to replace the flooring then Exklusiv’s Marvel Comic Book Wall Panels are a simple way to make a statement. Sold in packs of two, these wall panels can be arranged in varying grids or patterns; alternatively, you can cover an entire wall with the panels for maximum impact. Get your little ones involved in the process by asking them to help arrange and hang the panels in a pattern of their choice.

 Are your children obsessed with superheroes? Let us know their favourite comic book characters in the comments below!


This post was sponsored by Exklusiv Flooring, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. Purchase your Marvel themed flooring and wall panels online at and follow them on Instagram at @exklusiv_flooring.