How Tiles can Transform your Home

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With their versatility and timeless appeal, tiles are the must-have addition to your home.

Tiles have kind of a bad reputation. Many of us have made the mistake of picking plain white tiling for an entire bathroom or kitchen and then resenting them when they begin to look sad and faded. However, it’s time to forget all of these misconceptions because we are going to show you how, when used correctly, tiles can give your home a dramatic (and totally timeless) update.

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Don't be afraid of White

Simply because white tiles have caused problems in the past, don’t shy away from them now. When used strategically, white tiles give a space a clean, bright quality and blend in with the surrounding décor, rather than overpowering it. These bathrooms utilise white tiles to make the most of the natural light and to brighten areas that would otherwise feel flat and uninspiring.


Patterns are not the Enemy

Patterned tiles are the easiest way to completely transform your home. They can be used anywhere: kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways and in a variety of ways. Use these tiles on the floor to update your entryway or instead of a kitchen splash-back, we love these Frame décor tiles by Gemini Tiles (Top Left). Remember, less is more; they should be a statement that elevates a room, rather than dominates it.


Hexagonal is the New Square

Hexagonal have been appearing everywhere recently and we can understand why. These little tiles completely update any room you use them in, giving it a modern chic feel. We think they look especially beautiful in bathrooms – both on the walls and floors – where their understated design creates visual interest and a sense of tactility.  


Block Colour

Finally, and this is not for the faint hearted, block colour tiled bathrooms have become increasingly popular and we are a little bit obsessed. The pink bathrooms trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon and with new mint green looks cropping up, it appears this bold trend is going to stick around for a while


Title Images: Old Brand New

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Block Colour: Homeworld Design , House Beautiful


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