How Scandinavian living concepts can liven up the coldest months


With February being among the chilliest times of year, now is the perfect time to recharge at home and prepare for the warmer months ahead, when more time is spent outdoors. Guest blogger shares some quick and easy tips on how to make the most out of winter.

With The Little Book of Hygge having sold more than a million copies, it’s clear that the focus on personal wellbeing is becoming increasingly prevalent. All about feeling content and comfortable, hygge will always be the perfect lifestyle to embrace throughout the colder months – think candles, cosy knits and a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

It seems we’ve all been inspired by the Scandinavian way of living, as other concepts are set to join the scene in 2018. Read’s hints below, and learn how to make your winter better with a mix of hygge, and new entrants such as lagom and fika!




Cosy up with thermal window coverings

Living in a cold home can affect our wellbeing and have a negative impact on everyone in different ways; it’s been reported that 25million existing homes in the UK don’t meet the insulation standards at present. Dr Richard Fitton, lecturer in Energy Efficiency at the University of Salford, points out: “To create the feeling of thermal comfort and cosiness, use window coverings to reduce the number of cold surfaces in the room.”


Rich Velvets

A quick and easy update; bring luxury and comfort to your winter interior with some soft velvet cushions. This opulent and thick fabric is also incredibly soft, even the smallest amount of velvet can add warmth and a sense of drama to your home with its richness.




Relax with a cup of coffee

This is a Swedish living concept that means ‘to take a break’ by having a coffee. Step away from your desk at work and refresh your mind with a well-deserved break!



Switch off with books

Take some time out from technology and relax with a book. Research has shown that the blue light wavelengths produced by electronics suppress the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This can have an impact on our circadian rhythm, causing difficulties in getting to sleep or relaxing. A nicely organised bookshelf can also double up as a decorative element, adding style to your decor.




In with the essentials and out with the clutter

Here’s a Swedish belief that means ‘just the right amount’, ‘in moderation’ and ‘just right’. Embracing a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, de-clutter your home and make a fresh start to the year by just keeping things that you really need. The biggest culprits tend to be old magazines, newspapers, toys and ornaments. It’s often surprising how much space can be freed up by just clearing up small objects.


Quality over quantity

By clearing out clutter at home, there will be more space available for statement pieces that can really make an impact. From a sofa to a floor lamp, or art to a large vase, invest in something bold and let it set the tone for the rest of your interior. is an online retailer launched to turn the market on its head by reinventing the concept of shopping for curtains, blinds and interior accessories online. Find your last piece of the lifestyle puzzle now and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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