Hotel of the Month: Blakes Hotel


Hotel of the Month: Blakes Hotel, Kensington



Welcome to Hotel of the Month, a new series on LIV for Interiors in which we showcase beautifully designed UK hotels to prove that you don’t need to travel far to enjoy a luxurious break.


We’re kicking things off with London’s hotel dark horse – quite literally, the exterior of the building is painted a rich onyx colour. When it opened in 1978, Blakes paved the way for the increasingly popular “couture hotel” and has since retained a reputation that stands apart from the rest.


Acclaimed designer, Anouska Hempel curated the Blakes London interior vision; it was her desire to create the ‘total experience’ that sets it apart from other hotels in its class. In a deviation from traditional hotel design, each room and suite has its own concept and style.


If the design isn’t obvious, Blakes is a place for artists and individuals, even calling itself a “home for the free spirit”. From Chinese paintings, to red and white stripes, the rooms and suites at Blakes are as unique as their guests and designed not just for utility’s sake, but to create a truly immersive hotel experience.


As we mentioned before, every room and suite has its own concept, some of our favourites are the Library and Corfu suites and the Chinese Painting Room. The versatility of the design means there is a room for all tastes.

The appeal of Blakes expands beyond the beauty of its rooms. The hotel’s equally enthralling restaurant has been designed as a seamless extension of the rooms’ aesthetics. The dark walls, mirrors and yellowy-gold accents create an opulent dining experience. Once done with dinner, guests can journey down to the bar ‘Blakes Below’ where plush armchairs and chinoise walls await you.


If all of this weren’t enough, the hotel also boasts its own private courtyard, complete with a “gilded cage”, brightly painted murals on the walls and galloping zebra. The combination sounds odd, but the real-life result is a bright breakfast oasis in the bustling capital.

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Sources: All imagery supplied by Blakes Hotel

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