Go Bespoke and Make Your Home Part of the Furniture


Go Bespoke & Make your Home Part of the Furniture

While we all love the immediate ease of high street shopping, there is always something that can be said for the luxury of having bespoke furniture in your home. From smaller pieces like lighting to grander projects (luxury walk-in wardrobe anyone?) a bespoke project can be the perfect way to add a stamp of individuality to your home. We got in touch with some experts to find out more about the bespoke design process, and why you should invest in something custom-made for your home.


Luxury Bespoke Lighting


Sculptural lighting adds a distinct sense of luxury and class to any space. Large, eye-catching pieces are a great way to focus attention to a specific area of a bigger space, while unusually shaped rooms can benefit from a bespoke lighting structure designed to ensure the whole space is lit. We spoke to lighting experts Cameron Design House to learn more about their approach to creating unique light fixtures for your home.

Helmi CDH 2.jpg

"We always take a design-led approach and allow the project to shape our process… it is really important for us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to create a design that is not only visually beautiful but works with the requirements of the space. Custom sizing, configuration and finishes are available across our collection, however providing a bespoke product is not enough and we always provide a bespoke design service to ensure the piece perfectly complements the individual nature of the project.”

- Ian Cameron, Founder & Creative Director of Cameron Design House


Made-To-Measure Living Room

LIV for Interiors / Bespoke Furniture in Your Home

There is nothing more upsetting than finding your dream sofa and discovering that it won’t fit into your home. Despite thinking of all the ways you can organise your furniture to accommodate it, it just isn’t meant to be. Rather than trying to change your space to fit a sofa, why not create a sofa that fits your space? The custom-made designs from ROM Sofas are available in 10 or 20cm increments making them perfect for those awkward-shaped living spaces.

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“A sofa should be seen as an investment piece and as such, should be something that you take time and care over when choosing to make sure it will deliver everything you want. Advances in technology have meant that our homes are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ and this doesn’t only affect our kitchens and bathrooms but also our furniture too. Not only can we choose exactly what size, configuration and fabric we want our sofa in, but we now have the possibility to integrate functions to ensure we’re ‘plugged in’ and enjoying the utmost comfort.”

- Andreas Knippert, Marketing Manager, ROM.


Bespoke Bedroom Furniture


We are all guilty of buying more clothes than our wardrobes or chests of drawers can contain – we have definitely had the infamous “clothes chair” in our homes at one time or another. Designing a unique wardrobe for your home is the perfect way to ensure you’ll never be running around looking for any rogue items of clothing again. We spoke to The Heritage Wardrobe Company, which creates luxury bespoke wardrobes that are designed to suit your needs, to find out what goes into the process of planning your dream wardrobe. So if you’re like Carrie Bradshaw and can’t resist buying that new pair of heels, designing your own wardrobe will ensure there is space for every pair.  

G Dressing Room 1- Empire Mirror Wardrobe - The Heritage Wardrobe Company.jpg

“By working closely with our customers we build a detailed understanding of your design taste, personal aesthetic and storage needs. We will guide you through the design process to select the best options for you, to ensure you have a bespoke experience from design through to installation.”

- Wayne Borg, Partner, The Heritage Wardrobe Company

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