Four simple gas fire heating hacks that will save you money


Banish the cold with these four simple heating hacks from Tracey Falshaw of the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC), to help keep you and your family warm and cosy on a budget.

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Don’t turn on your entire central heating system – focus only on areas where heat is needed

Turning on the full central heating system isn’t always needed, and can actually waste money, especially in early autumn and winter, when temperatures stay quite mild. In these instances, focusing the warmth only where you need it can do wonders to reduce your energy bill. Instead, you can create a focal point of cheap and efficient heat by turning on a gas fire if you have one. If you don’t have a gas fire, and instead are relying on electric heaters as a secondary source of heat, consider investing in one, as gas is up to 50 % cheaper to run than an electric-powered heater.

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Make your rooms feel cosy

Heating your home should also make you feel cosy, and a lot of this can be achieved through looks and sensory stimulation. This might sound strange at first, but research* has shown that sitting in front of the flames of a fire relaxes you, and can even lower blood pressure. So, while a radiator can do the job, it doesn’t always compare to a glowing fireside. There’s no doubt that flickering flames are cosy and appealing, but not everyone has the means to buy a real wood burner, the storage space for the wood, or the time to clean up the ash, and then remember to stock up on logs afterwards. You can, however, get the look and feel of a real wood burner with a gas-powered one.

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Get your gluggavedur fix in the day

The Icelandic concept of ‘gluggavedur’, which translates to enjoying outdoor weather from the inside, is perfect for cold days. To fully appreciate the views, try making your indoor space as warming and welcoming as possible, to contrast with the chilly scenes outside your window. There are different styles of gas fires, which can help to transport your living space to that of a cosy Icelandic cottage. For a more modern take on the trend, why not go for a traditional wood-burning, gas-style stove, or opt for clean lines and uncomplicated shapes in chrome or brushed steel?

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Wrap up tight by night

A simple yet effective way of keeping in heat, whether from a gas fire or any other source, is to ensure that the curtains are drawn, and that the doors are closed on the evenings especially, to keep as much heat in the room as possible. Look out for any air gaps – underneath doors are a common area for heat to escape, and can be easily rectified by purchasing a relatively cheap draught excluder.

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