How To Add The Finishing Touches To Your Home

When it comes to buying a house, people often assume that the process of buying is the most difficult part of the process. But what happens after you’ve been handed the keys, and have moved your furniture in? How do you go about making your house…into a home?Here at LIV we know that it’s all about those final details, the finishing touches that can make all the difference. We’ve shared three of our favourite ways to add those perfect little tweaks to your home, to make it the best that it can be!


A quick and simple way to inject fun, freshness and life into a home, flowers are one of our favourite ways to finish off a space. Keep costs down by choosing seasonal flowers, or for an economic alternative, why not go for some imitation flowers? Guaranteed to remain pristine no matter the weather, imitation flowers are the perfect all-year update for those on a budget!

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Not only do books bring countless hours of entertainment and education, they’re a great way of adding character and charm to your home. We’ve collected a few of our favourite ways to style your books below, whether your style is industrial, scandi or classic, books are a great way to break up a wall and put your mark on your home.


Essentially, when we talk about adding the finishing touches to a house, we are really trying to say that these are the ornaments and trinkets that you should use to soften the feel of your home. Mirrors, clocks, candles and throws are all simple ways to do this, without having to break the bank. Your home should be a reflection of you, and who you are, and although you can be influenced by certain trends or styles, it is much more essential to surround yourself with things that are important to you! 

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