Christmas Wrapping Guide 2018


Possibly more fun than finding the perfect present for your loved ones is deciding how you’re going to wrap them - If you’re still on the hunt, take a look at our gift guides for some inspiration. 

Wrapping your gifts, while enjoyable, can sometimes be a frustrating experience. From oddly shaped gifts and losing the end of the Sellotape, to running out of paper with just one present left, there are all too many things that can go wrong. Well, we’re here to give you some hints and tips on how you can take the stress out of wrapping this Christmas. We’ve also included some of our favourite wrapping paper and ribbon designs throughout to give you some inspiration this festive season.

Round Present Wrapping.jpg

How to wrap round gifts

One of the most dreaded wrapping tasks is the round or circular present. The way to bring out the procrastinator in all of us, this gift always sits in its bag or hiding place until all the others are beautifully wrapped - and when you do eventually get around to wrapping it, it will either end up in a last-minute gift bag or covered in creased, slightly ripped paper. However, thanks to this super handy guide from Paperchase, we feel ready to face any rounded gift sent our way.


How to disguise obvious gifts

If the round wrapping guide sounded too time consuming or tricky then disguising your gifts is a great solution. Simply save any delivery boxes or even food packaging – one of the LIV team even unwrapped their gift to find a cat food box – and place any obvious or oddly shaped gifts inside them prior to wrapping.  This tip is our favourite because it is useful in so many different circumstances; we especially love to use this technique for any soft gifts such as clothing or blankets. Not only does this conceal the true nature of the gift from its recipient, it also gives your gifts that “classic Christmas present” look and feel; trust us, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing all of your perfectly-shaped gifts nestled under the tree on Christmas morning.

hessian gift sacks.jpg

How to be environmentally friendly with your Christmas wrapping

If you have a large number of gifts to wrap and are concerned about the waste (and expense) that comes with buying printed wrapping paper then these eco-friendly options have all the style of traditional gifts but none of the waste. Our favourite sustainable solution - besides the classic brown paper packages tied up with string – are these printed hessian bags. DIY your own by decorating these hessian sacks using a stencil and white paint.

We hope these tips helped take some of the stress out of your Christmas wrapping this year. Putting that extra bit of effort into your gift-wrapping really makes all the difference and we can guarantee your friends and family will love the results. If you want even more wrapping inspiration, take a look at some of our favourite designs below.


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