Bringing Illustration Into The Home

Illustration is one of the most up-and-coming versatile art forms in today’s visual culture. Crossing boundaries with fine art and graphic design, it is constantly challenging perceptions and notions of image making.

Dare To Be Bold

Illustration comes in many shapes and forms, one of the many being murals.  As one of the world’s oldest decorative forms, murals are accentuated by using the room’s architecture as a canvas.  Whether they are fanatical florals, blissful birds or an abstract landscape, murals enrich an atmosphere creating a fascinating optical illusion.

Minimal …ish

If you don’t want to commit, a simpler yet still effective way to adorn your love for illustration is through the timeless framed gallery wall.  This will give those plain white walls a touch of creative flair, with the option to mix it up every once in a while!

Floor Features, The Bigger The Better!

Arranging picture frames on the floor is an even easier fix. Having varied levels of art produces an intriguing visual journey throughout your home. Christiane Spangsberg is a perfect example of contemporary illustration, using fluid lines aspired by originality and imperfection to demonstrate the new edge of interior.

Bye Bye Boring, Surface Patterns

A new wave of designers and illustrators are fuelling the market for decorated objects and furniture. Pattern reveals a style and attitude to a room, whether you prefer a layered pattern approach like designer Caitlin Wilson’s geometric and traditional cushions, or Schumacher’s eccentric upholstery, they’re certain to add a quirky touch to your home!

Whimsical Wallpapers – Not For The Faint Hearted

Cole & Son’s wallpapers magnificently display traditional yet contemporary patterned designs that are able to sit beautifully next to bright furnishings to create a stylish and elegant décor. Whilst fine artist Kristjana Williams’ wallpapers combine an ultra modern and innovative design with exquisite bold details making a statement wall feature in a combination of vibrant and fresh white tones.