Why Asda should be your one-stop-shop this Christmas


With the joy of the festive season comes the inevitable mad dash for various gifts, decorations and of course, Christmas party food. To help save you rushing to 20 different shops to pick up all the Christmas necessities, we’ve popped in to Asda and picked out our favourite festive buys from both their food department and George. The vast selection of products there means you can pick up the turkey and any stray gifts in the same shopping trip.

When we visited their Christmas event earlier this year we were blown away by how much was on offer. We made a note of all our faves and are so excited to finally share them with you. Read on to find out how you can get everything you need this Christmas under one roof.


Christmas Decorations

If you’ve seen any of our previous Christmas trends posts, you’ll know we love Asda’s range of Christmas decorations. From festive bedding prints to delicate tree ornaments, the supermarket has home accessories and decorations for any and every trend – Santa in a speedboat may have to creep onto our trees – meaning you’ll easily find something that will integrate into your existing décor scheme. Take a look at some of our favourites from across the range below.

Cheese Board.jpg

Christmas Party Food

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without copious amounts of party food. Let’s face it, mini quiches, blinis and vol-au-vents are the backbone of any festive celebration. Ok, so we’ve taken a little artistic license with the title on this one; there were so many tasty options we couldn’t only share the party food with you. We’re most excited to try the ultimate pig in blanket (yes you read that right), vegan cheese board and the adorable reindeer cake.


Christmas Gifts

Thinking of gifts for friends and family can be a time-consuming process. The challenge of finding "the perfect gift" for everyone on your list is only made harder by children's ever-changing trends; once all of this decision making is over and you've made it to the shops, chances are your trip will be a stressful rush. Asda has once again saved the day! The selection of gifts on offer are perfect for both stocking fillers and big-ticket items, so save yourself the inflated prices on Amazon and pick up your Christmas gifts during your weekly shop this festive season.


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