7 ways to light up your kitchen this winter


Now that the clocks have changed, it’s essential to get the lights in your kitchen just right. The specialists at John Cullen Lighting share some of their inspiring ideas and expertise for those colder months ahead, helping you to give the heart of your home a warming glow this winter.


1. Think about your task lighting

It's essential that you have good task lighting in your kitchen, to ensure that you have enough light to cook. Think about adding downlights where you need them, rather than in a grid, using them to light the kitchen island, or to reflect light off cupboards, onto the worktop below. Add either under-cupboard lights or an LED strip under wall-mounted cabinets to provide shadow-free task lighting.

2.Add decorative elements for character

Whether it’s an island or a dining table, adding decorative elements will help to diversify your lighting effects, drawing the eye to specific spaces and details. Pendant lights are a great way of achieving this, as they make a real style statement and act as an eye-catching centrepiece, transforming any part of the kitchen into a beacon of comfort and attraction.


3. Install different layers of light

Don’t just use downlights to light the space; by layering light, you’ll add more interest and impact. Consider using low-level LEDs in the kick plinth of your units or central island, in order to provide a gentle wash of light across the floor. If an island unit is on legs, you can create the impression that it’s floating by using an LED strip underneath it. Alternatively, add uplights to a dark corner, or to light an arch or doorway.


4. Bring the outdoors in

Since kitchens often lead out to gardens beyond, why not try accessorising your home’s exterior space with a lighting scheme of its own? This will extend your eye outside the kitchen, broadening the feeling of space within.

5. Think about your circuits

Putting all of your kitchen’s lights on one circuit will limit what you can do with them; to maintain control, you should think about setting up two or more for different areas of the room. This will give you greater flexibility to find just the right combinations and levels for different times of day, occasions and company, from breakfast with the kids, to a romantic dinner for two.


6. Use more than one switch

The last thing you want on a cold winter’s evening is to come home to harsh, glaring lights in your kitchen. Dimmer switches or a preset control system will work wonders when making the most of the different sections of your culinary space, so as to set the mood just the way you want it.


Consider using candles

Timeless and comforting, candles never go out of style, and will complement your more high-tech lighting solutions perfectly. Plus, they can be beautifully accessorised and integrated into your kitchen’s existing decor and design, generating a wonderfully warming winter glow that will keep the chill at bay.




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