5 Steps to the Best Home Workout


Get ready for summer in style with our guide on how to work out without a gym

We all know that going to the gym helps more than just our physique. As well as overall health and fitness, regular exercise has been shown to boost levels of happiness due to the rush of endorphins you get after working out.

Now, this all sounds like something we could get on board with… if only it weren’t such an effort to get to the gym. There are lots of reasons to shy away from signing up to the gym: distance, business, monthly cost etc. For this reason, we’ve found the best home gym equipment so that working out can be as simple as rolling out of bed and onto the rowing machine.

Cycle to work with Martone Cycling

If you don’t feel like you have the time to do a dedicated workout at the gym yet, then cycle to work in style with the vibrant range of bikes from Martone Cycling Co. Cycling to work is a great way to integrate exercise into your daily routine without having to dedicate time to go to the gym and plan a work out. Also, as part of the government effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many companies offer the cycle to work scheme to their employees, so you could get tax exemption on your beautiful new bike – some companies are even having showers installed as an incentive to start.


Approach your workout differently




Traditional workout methods aren’t for everyone, they can be difficult to understand, or require many separate pieces of equipment. Exercise machines like NOHrD’s WaterGrinder (available on Powerhouse Fitness) provide a full upper-body and abs workout from just one machine. The multiple function options and settings allow you to adjust not only resistance, but also the muscle group you are targeting.


Invest in Beautiful Equipment

Having equipment you’re proud to display in your home will make you far more likely to reach for it. Pent fitness has created a line of luxuriously designed gym equipment and accessories made from oiled walnut wood and stainless steel. We particularly love the chic look of the kettlebells and weights.


Hip hydration with the Hip water bottle

Hydration, hydration, hydration! Seriously, we can’t get enough of it; in fact, drink some water right this second. This is such an important aspect of working out we had to include it in this guide. The design of the Hip bottle makes it easier to carry in a bag or rucksack– perfect for cycling to work. Not only that though, the aesthetic style of the bottle means you can easily transition from the gym to the office.




Cycle into the future

Finally, if you don’t have a budget for your home gym and want the chicest, most luxurious and frankly coolest piece of gym equipment money can buy then look no further. The Ciclotte bike is an innovative stationary bike that has every feature you could ever dream of, including Bluetooth connectivity. Their newest model is even available in a luxurious transparent crystal design. It supports a gearbox capable of stimulating a road biking experience to enable more intense training. Starting at £10,000 it may take a while to save your pennies for it, but then again this is no ordinary exercise bike.


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