5 Simple Interior Design Tips to Boost the Value of your Home


Trouva and Marsh & Parsons uncover homeware hacks to make selling your home a whole lot easier

For homeowners planning to move up the property ladder in 2018, online platform for independent boutiques Trouva and estate agents Marsh & Parsons reveal the surprisingly simple tips and tricks that boost the perceived value of a home in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

From stylish storage solutions to maximising mirrors, Trouva unveils the must-buy items to transform a space before selling. Using Marsh & Parsons’ real estate expertise, the tips have been curated alongside interior styling insights, gathered from the creative shopkeepers who own the 450 boutiques that Trouva works with across the UK.

Top up your asking price and sell your home quicker with these easy tips and stylish shopping suggestions...

Cable Storage.jpg

Savvy Storage


Avoiding clutter and creating space is key, but storage shouldn’t mean ugly plastic boxes; instead, why not get creative and maximise the most miniscule of spaces with design-led fixtures? Trouva’s top recommend from Homerama boutique owner Caroline Brown in Oxfordshire are these hideaway cable tidy organiser boxes (Left), which cleverly hide cables and cords from your electronic devices.


Let There Be Light

Marsh & Parsons reveals: “Light fixtures and fittings are one of the first things in any property to get noticed. Good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room, so it’s important to get it just right. If you’re going to invest in one thing before listing a property for sale, think lighting first.” Retire your old lampshades, as 2018 calls for a new wave of bold, sculptural designs. Whether it’s patterned paper, bold rattan or sculpted shapes, a statement shade can be a focal point for any space, and is a simple swap to make.

Large Mirror with plant reflected.jpg

Maximise with a Mirror

It’s a well-known fact that the bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. Place your mirror opposite a view that you want to reflect; by placing a mirror opposite a window, it will add natural light and greenery into a smaller space. Marsh & Parsons suggests making a mirror the focal point of the room, and using interesting frames to create texture and depth.


Make it Homely

It’s important to make your space feel homely, without it being overbearing. While we’re fans of the maximalist movement taking place at the moment, if you’re selling your property, it’s worth considering sticking closer to Danish interior trend Hygge. It’s the perfect way to make a room feel cosy and inviting to visitors, and has less chance of offending anyone.


Add Artwork Where Possible

Selecting the right artwork is as important as repainting or buying new furniture when it comes to selling your home, and it’s a well-known recommendation given by estate agents to up a home’s value and speed up its sale. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend that you opt for abstract prints or landscape scenes, which will quickly add character to a room.


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