5 of The Best Stylish Home Tech Products

It’s no secret that home technology and smart products are pretty much taking over our lives. Whether it’s in the kitchen, through our furniture or through the TV, we’re continuously finding a more ‘techy’ way of doing everyday things at home.

We love innovation and technology as much as the next person, but do we really want it to overtake our homes visually as well? Is it possible to have all these fantastic new inventions and cool gadgets integrated into our homes and our lives without it actually looking like they’re there? Are we asking too much? Or is it really just a case of finding the right stylish tech for you and your home? From cool app-controlled sofas to seamlessly integrated sound systems, we take a look at the coolest and most stylish home technology.


App-controlled Sofas

Let’s face it, we’ve all chosen a sofa based on what it looks like instead of how comfortable it is and then lived to regret it after about a year of playing with cushions behind our head, under our arms and just general tossing and turning. When it comes to comfort and style, for ages it has seemed as if you could only ever get one or the other, never both. Enter ROM Sofas! Not only can you design your sofa exactly how you want it, in any size, including any functions you like, but you can also (here’s the smart bit) control it with an app! The Aladin Sofa Control app lets you save up to five different pre-set positions, allowing you to slide into your favourite seating position at the touch of a button. No more plumping cushions and jumping around to get comfy… and the best bit is that you can just put your sofa back to its normal neat and tidy position with a simple reset button.  We’re particularly in love with ROM’s latest contemporary collection, the Signature range. The Romano sofa, shown here in a smart dark blue fabric, is the perfect example of how you really can have the best of both worlds. You wouldn’t think from looking at it that this sleek and slim-profiled sofa actually has a complete recliner mechanism tucked up underneath the seat and in the headrest. When it comes to stylish home tech, we definitely think that ROM Sofas are ticking all the boxes!



Digital Bathrooms

How many times have you leant across your shower, stretched to reach the taps and then dodged out of the way before the cold water can hit you? We’ve all been there. The age of the digital bathroom is here and thankfully, it means that we can stop shocking ourselves with freezing water every morning. This year Crosswater Bathrooms has launched a Digital Shower range and it’s definitely at the top of our stylish home tech list.  With no unsightly bulky controls that are often associated with anything ‘digital’, this range comes in both a sleek contemporary design and a more traditional style meaning it can pretty much blend easily into any bathroom. Pulsating glows of red and blue let you know when the water temperature is warming up or cooling down and a soft white light lets you know when it’s reached your pre-set preferred temperature.  The best bit though, is that you can have a remote control button installed up to ten metres away from your shower! So you can guarantee you’ll be safe from any splashes whilst your shower heats up to your perfect temperature.



Stylish Sound Systems

Possibly one of the coolest sound systems out there at the moment, the BeoSound Shape system by the ever-stylish Bang & Olufsen is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system ‘for design conscious music lovers’. As much of an art piece as it is a functional speaker, the BeoSound is available in ten gorgeous fabrics from Kvadrat and completely customisable in its shape. For those feeling extra bold, you can even think about mix and matching colour choices. The funky honeycomb hexagon shape of the individual speakers allows you to create something that is unique to you and your home whilst providing an amazing sound quality. Bang & Olufsen describe it as ‘a band on the wall’ as it uses the multiple speaker set up to deliver a ‘concert-like perception of singer and instruments’. Pretty cool right? When it comes to combining technology, function and style, Bang & Olufsen have definitely hit the nail on the head with this one.



Tidy Tech

Most households are now full of chargers, cables and all sorts of wires for our gadgets and various “i-products”. Messy cables are a bugbear to so many people – you need to charge your devices, but why can’t it just look neat and tidy? Well friends, now it can. Time to say goodbye to those messy tangled cables, thanks to the Eclipse by premium tech accessories brand Native Union. Not only will the Eclipse eliminate the eyesore of ugly cables, but it also looks stylish and cool and you won’t mind having it on show. Native Union describes it as ‘the only USB charging hub you won’t want to hide away’ thanks to its compact and cool round design. With up to three USB cable ports with a range of up to 8 feet, the clever internal winding mechanism means that your cables are protected and left untangled, providing easy access to your charger.  For an extra element of ‘cool’, the Eclipse will rise with a single touch, emitting a glowing halo, so you can forget about fumbling around in the dark looking for your cable. Funded on Kickstarter at the end of last year, the Eclipse should be available to ship soon, and we can’t wait to turn our horrendous cable mess into a neat and stylish hub!



The Ultimate Home Cinema

It’s the dream right? Feeling as if you’re in a cinema in your own home? The only issue is, a projector hanging down from your ceiling or sitting on top of a table isn’t really the prettiest thing to look at and it doesn’t exactly scream stylish interior. Bringing the world of home entertainment and stylish interiors together, the 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector from Sony is the mother of home cinema systems. Combining some of the best technology in the world with a stylish and discreet design, the system is all part of one modular piece of furniture that combines five units into one. The subtle projector cover that closes automatically when it isn’t in use is what really makes this a successful piece of stylish home tech. No need for unattractive projector holders suspended from the ceiling or any cables running across your floor, the 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector is as much a useful and stunning piece of practical furniture as it is an amazing piece of smart home technology. There’s just one catch… at 50k, you may need to dig deep in your pockets, or start saving now!