4 Tips for Making your Home Timeless


Matt Deighton is the Managing Director of Sofas by Saxon. Here, he explains how you can decorate your home in a timeless fashion, so it never looks dated.

While you'll always want your interior décor to be on-trend and reflective of your personal style, updating the look of your home can be a costly and time-consuming process. But, in my opinion, it's possible to find the perfect balance by decorating your home in a timeless way. This will prevent it from ever looking dated and, if you do things right, you should still be able to make small updates without breaking the bank.

Here, I'm going to offer you some tips for giving your home a timeless look and feel. Read on to learn more.


Choose timeless furniture and invest in quality

Chances are, the furniture you buy is going to be the most expensive component of your interior décor. So, it's important that you put plenty of thought into choosing timeless pieces that are going to age well.

For example, the sofa is likely to be the focal point of your living room, so you'll want to choose one with a classic design in a neutral colour. This will help to ensure that it remains stylish for seasons, and even years to come. Plus, a settee in a neutral colour is going to be far more versatile. If you go for one in a particularly bright or bold hue, you'll be limiting what cushion or paint colours you can choose for your living room. If you go for something in cream or grey, you'll have far more freedom to make the style choices that are going to make you the happiest.

Traditional wooden furniture is also likely to be a great choice for you when you're looking to create a living space you'll love for a very long time. Marble and copper pieces might be very 'in' now, for example, but fashions will soon move on. And, when they do, you'll be glad you opted to invest in furniture that is going to look wonderful, whether it's today, next year, or a decade from now.


Don't incorporate trends that are hard to change

We all get bored of our living spaces from time to time so, to prepare for your inevitable desire to switch things up, I'd highly recommend staying away from timely trends that will be hard or costly to change.

For example, in the 50s and 60s, bathroom suites in colours such as avocado and aubergine were incredibly fashionable, but it wasn't long before pristine white bathrooms became all the rage. This left those who had jumped on the trend were left with dated that bathrooms, and some even found that their homes were harder to sell as a result. Similarly, in the 60s and 70s, many homeowners rushed to decorate the interior of their living spaces using wooden panelling, as this was on-trend at the time. But, most of them would come to regret it, as what was stylish soon changed, and the panels were difficult and expensive to remove.

If you're looking to follow trends when it comes to colours, patterns, and decorative details, try to do this in an affordable and fixable way. For example, you could use wall stickers or cushion covers to add interest to a room. As a result, you won't regret anything when what's 'in' changes.


Decorate using accessories that are personal to you

If you want a sure-fire way of ensuring that you won't get bored of your interior décor, try decorating your space with photos, ornaments, and trinkets that are personal to you. For example, have you picked up any decorative souvenirs on your travels, do you have any favourite books that would look pretty on your book shelves, or is there a particular piece of art that is especially significant to your household? 

While there are so many decorative bits and pieces that you'll be able to find in the shops on your local high street, it's likely you will eventually get tired of these and want to replace them. You won't have this problem if you've peppered your space with items that have sentimental value.

High ceilings futureproof.jpg

Try to future-proof your home

While none of us truly have any idea of what the future holds, when you're decorating your home, it's well worth considering where you see your life going. For example, if you're planning to start a family in the next few years, you won't want to opt for all-white walls and floors, as these aren't baby-friendly. By taking any likely lifestyle changes into account and thinking about how these could affect what you'll need from your home, you'll find that it's much easier to create a space that will suit you for years, or even decades to come.


If you can't afford to redecorate your home every few years, or you simply don't enjoy the process of updating your living space, giving it a timeless look might be the best option. These tips are a great place to start: by thinking carefully about your furniture and staying away from trends that are hard to backtrack from, you'll create a space you'll love until you're ready to redecorate.

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