4 cleaning Instagrams you need to follow to keep your home looking tidy in 2019

The new year, and our chosen resolutions, brings a sense of renewal and the anticipation of fresh beginnings. Rather than focusing on fad diets or exercise trends, we are committing to maintaining a clean home this year. Over the Christmas period, our homes tend to easily accumulate excess clutter and it is easy to neglect our cleaning routines amongst all of the festive cheer. 

So, to help get you back on top of your cleaning game in 2019, we’ve tracked down the four Instagrams you need to follow. These pages are packed with ingenious tips and product recommendations that will help you get your home sparkling in no time. 

mrs hinch's home.jpg

Followers: 1.4 million

We couldn’t make this list without including everyone’s favourite cleaning Instagram: Mrs Hinch. After starting her page less than a year ago, Essex-based Sophie Hinchcliffe has developed a devoted following of ‘Hinchers’ who follow her cleaning tips religiously. Join the “Hinch Army” and get to know ‘the family’ – the title she gives to her various named cleaning products, although be aware that anything she recommends tends to sell out quickly. We recently purchased “Dave” the fluffy duster and have to say our surfaces have never been cleaner!

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 14.04.58.png

Followers: 97.9k

The beautiful feed of @cleanmama will definitely inspire you to make a cleaning routine for your home. Not only is her page full of helpful guides and tips, but she also has a range of print-able guides that will help you create and stick to a cleaning routine that works around your schedule. She also has a menu-planning story highlight so you can stick to your health resolutions with ease.

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 14.12.37.png

Followers: 97.9k

We love the muted grey colour scheme of Danielle’s renovated home, especially as it always looks sparkling. Her love of Zoflora (a cult favourite scented disinfectant) has her spraying it on her surfaces and cleaning out everything from sinks to bins with a diluted solution. Our favourite part of the house has to be her living room; it looks like the perfect, cosy place to curl up with a film on a winter’s afternoon.

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 14.17.17.png

Followers: 94.8K

Queen of Clean Lynsey’s feed is full of great product recommendations and advice, perfect for those of you out there who may be new to the world of next-level cleaning. She has also begun to include more eco-friendly, less toxic products in her cleaning routine (she has a basket dedicated to these products) so if you’re looking for eco-friendly cleaning tips the Queen of Clean is the page to follow.

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