3 Reasons you Need to buy a Hanging Egg Chair


Meet the must-have piece of furniture for summer


When the shape was popularised in the 1960s, hanging egg chairs quickly became a timeless piece of furniture suited to every style of home.

We are all desperate to sneak one into our garden or patio space, so we’ve made a guide on why you should be too!

Firstly, there is the struggle of deciding which one to buy – don’t worry, we have a buying guide for you at the end of this piece – and then the inevitable fight over who gets to sit in it.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from investing in one, and here we are going to tell you why you need to add one to your summer shopping list.

Hanging egg chairs look cool

I know this shouldn’t be the only reason you buy something, but you have to admit, a hanging egg chair is a cool edition to a garden.

They add an aura of effortless chic to any outdoor space you put them in and they are great for creating a relaxing environment with minimal effort.

If you have an outdoor space that you want to update quickly and easily then adding an egg chair (or any piece of hanging furniture) can transform it into a modern, relaxed place to lounge.


They’re great for small spaces

If you have a small garden or simply a balcony, then you know the difficult balance of wanting to maximise a space without it looking cluttered or feeling even smaller than it already is.

This is a great opportunity to incorporate hanging furniture into your outdoor. Because they generally aren’t as large as sofas, you can afford to put it in a corner where it won’t dominate.

However, because of their shape, they won’t make the space feel crowded or boxed in. It’s a win-win! Oh, and it will make your space look so much cooler (see point one.)


They promote mindfulness

We all know that the nature of modern life means we need to integrate more mindful moments into our day-to-day lives as a way to help lower our stress levels.

The unique design of these chairs provides a peaceful solace for you to relax in. Curl up (literally) with a good book, podcast or album and spend your summer evening relaxing outside.

The cocoon effect of the chair generates a feeling of protected comfort, making it the ultimate space to de-stress in.


Hanging Furniture Buying guide

Like I said before, taking the plunge and purchasing an egg chair – or any form of hanging furniture – can be daunting. That’s why we’ve chosen a selection of some of our favourites to help you find the perfect piece for your space and style.


A Timeless Home

If you don’t want the chair to be too much of a statement, or just prefer your furniture to last through trend changes, then choosing a traditional, non-obtrusive style is the best option for you.

Think natural shades and materials in the “classic egg shape” that these chairs are known for – we particularly love them in white and natural wicker or rattan.

These examples from Wyevales (Left) and Skandium (Right) show how varied the style can be.


Trend Lover’s Dream

If you’ve seen our post on the best garden furniture then you know that bright and bold outdoor furniture is a big trend this summer. Popular combinations are: pink and orange, blue and green and green and yellow.

We love these styles from and Anthropologie and Made, both of which are a perfect colourful twist on the traditional style that everyone fell in love with 60 years ago.


Something a Little Different

If you just don’t feel ready to purchase an egg chair yet, then maybe try something in a different shape or style.

The Lyra chair from made.com is a great variation on the traditional egg style, while the Vonhaus striped hanging garden chair is a perfect starter piece if you aren’t ready to commit to the cost of an egg chair.


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All buying guide images courtesy of their respective brands. 

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