3 Things you Need to Know About the Brutalist Design Trend

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The new minimalism

We want to take a moment to talk about the new style of minimalist interiors that keeps popping up everywhere. Different from other minimalist trends such as Scandi, the brutalist interior trend is all about creating clean lines where form and function work to produce a space that exudes raw elegance through its modernist style.


In theory, these homes should look like something out of a dystopian novel – 1984 and Handmaid’s Tale chic perhaps? – But when executed correctly they would be more at home in a stylish Black Mirror episode or fashionable Tom Ford movie.

To help you get it right we’re going to walk you through the three things you need to know about the brutalist trend. We’ve also included our top brutalist-inspired buying options throughout the article so you can start to bring this functionalist trend into your home. 


Concrete is the only material that matters

LIV for Interiors / Concrete Kitchen Trend
LIV for Interiors /  The Brutalist Concrete Interiors Trend

 Concrete is often associated with the harsh, bland buildings of 1980s East Berlin; however, this often-neglected material has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and is now the cornerstone of the functional, brutalist trend.


Don’t worry, nobody is telling you to rip down any of your pre-existing walls or staircases and replace them with austere concrete alternatives. Although we do love how bathrooms brand Clearwater has utilised this look, and this cosy living room from Arada proves that concrete can still be cosy. 

Instead, you can look to home accessories and furniture pieces to bring some industrial chic into your home. We have included some of our favourites below, simply click the images to shop. 

Shop the Brutalist Trend


Grey is the new black


Considering we have just discussed the importance of concrete, this tip may seem quite self-explanatory. However, this trend is about embracing all things grey and your home décor is no exception to this rule.

NaturalElements_Savoy Stone_0148rt.jpeg

Opting for grey walls or floors is an accessible way to embrace this trend (that’s right, no concrete walls in sight). We love this carpet in ‘stone’ from Elements Carpets’ Savoy collection; it adds a subtle air of class and simplicity to your home without overwhelming the space like concrete flooring would (also, your feet will be a lot toastier in the winter months).


Minimalism is key


The common theme in all of these spaces is a focus on minimal design and minimal accessorising. The minimalist trend has taken a more mindful, purposeful turn in the last couple of years and while it is still about having a “clean” looking space for many, it has also become synonymous with mindful living.

LIV for Interiors / Minimalist Concrete Interiors

This form of minimalism is rooted in the idea of ‘less is more’ and that by no longer focussing on obtaining material possessions you become more present and engaged in your life. If you fancy trying out some of these ideas yourself, then the easiest way to start is by selecting a room or area of your home and asking yourself if the items there really bring you joy. If a piece does, great, keep it! If you’re struggling to think up excuses or keep saying ‘it was a gift’ as you blow the dust off, then it is probably time to donate it or give it to a friend.

LIV for Interiors / Minimalist Concrete Interiors

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