Making Bed Buying Better: Spotlight on Button & Sprung

Sleep: we all need it, we often crave it, and we frequently don’t get enough of it. As a nation we average around a third of our lives in bed and every natural mattress from Button & Sprung is carefully crafted and finished to perfection with this in mind.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it’s more important than ever to make sure we take the time to make important decisions that affect our health and wellbeing. And what can be more important than ensuring you get a good night’s rest?

Founded with the aim of providing the most glorious night’s sleep and creating an easy, enjoyable and unique bed buying experience, Button & Sprung has innovated the mattress buying process by putting fantastic service and exceptional quality at the forefront of its business.  The company sells one thing – sleep! We love their straightforward and honest approach to bed buying – and their passion for a good night’s sleep! 

Behind the brand are Adam Black and Matthew Hardcastle, who started this dynamic business venture because they were uninspired by the existing foam-filled mattresses on the market. They decided to launch a natural mattress collection using exclusively natural fillings and fibres, and are now committed to providing their customers with the most luxurious natural mattresses available on the market.


Not only this, Button & Sprung promises to make bed buying as simple and straightforward as possible, offering a select, exclusive range of high-quality products at a fair price - and a stress-free experience from beginning to end.

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100% natural fillings
0% foam mattresses

From growing time on the farm to hand-finished perfection, hundreds of hours go into creating each and every one of Button & Sprung’s homegrown, handmade mattresses – an incredible 525,600 hours of TLC to be precise!

Believing that a natural, rather than foam filled mattress is an essential ingredient for a good night’s sleep, all Button & Sprung mattresses include natural fillings such as silk, wool, hemp, flax, cashmere, mohair and horsehair. Not only does this lead to better temperature regulation and moisture absorption at night, it also means that you sleep on a chemical-free, more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly bed than with foam based alternatives. The mattresses are all-at-once luxurious, amazingly supportive and extremely comfortable. 

Button and Sprung has one range of luxury pocket sprung mattresses consisting of nine models, all of which use its innovative spring systems, natural fillings and chemical-free ticking. As the range works upwards, each mattress has more springs and larger quantities of higher quality fillings; ranging from a respectable 3,300 springs with two layers of natural fillings to a luxurious 24,800 springs with a plush six layers of natural fillings - there’s something for everyone in the collection. 

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sheep raised on lush pastures

Growing Herdwick wool specifically for Button & Sprung mattresses, on fields free from pesticides.

While the Herdwick wool filling is springy and supportive, hemp is soft and absorbent. Flax, mohair and silk yield exceptional softness and cool, breathable comfort, while cashmere offers hand-teased layers of super-soft, superior luxury.

From field to bedroom, the outstanding ingredients are hand-tailored into beautiful mattresses by craftsmen using skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. 100% natural mattress ticking is measured and precisely cut, before being hand-machine sewn into borders and mattress panels. Nature’s finest fillings are then layered into place and finished off with top and bottom mattress ticking, which are then tape-edged to the mattress border. Then, the pocket spring units are secured to the mattress border using the time-honoured traditional technique of hand side stitching. The mattress is then tufted so that the natural fillings stay in place. This creates a lovely, soft and lofty sleeping surface.

In addition, as the mattresses are chemical free and 100% recyclable, the natural materials are breathable and keep air circulating within the mattress - meaning they will take moisture and perspiration away from the body. Free from carginogenic materials, there is absolutely no foam to be seen in any of Button & Sprung’s mattresses.  


A good mattress will gently support the whole body and should provide postural alignment by keeping the spine in a neutral position – that’s why all Button & Sprung mattresses are pocket sprung and incorporate the very best in spring technology.  

Hand-tailored with care and attention by skilled craftsmen, each mattress is made up of individual pocket springs enclosed within their own fabric casing, ensuring a superior level of resistance and comfort. Each one can be customised to have two sides of different firmness - offering an unrivalled level of support that distributes body weight evenly, and will support two people of different body weights with ease.

In addition to core pocket springs, all Button & Sprung mattresses use mini springs, which provides a higher spring count and therefore more support as they allow pressure release all throughout the night.

The Upholstered Bed Collection

The perfect partner to the superior mattress collection, Button & Sprung also offers 15 bed styles – ranging from frames to divans and ottoman beds - and over 100 in-house fabrics to choose from. Their wide range is guaranteed to provide you with the perfect option for a night of sweet dreams! 

And why not invest in your rest? By not getting enough sleep, you are compromising your health and are 10 times more at risk of developing depression. A great night’s sleep is the perfect remedy to approach a new day feeling energised, motivated and happy.


The Bed Room

Situated in South West London, Button & Sprung’s showroom introduces a completely new way for customers to find their perfect mattress. The Bed Room is a cosy haven in the showroom - an exclusive and tailored space where customers can try out the mattresses to their hearts’ content. Positioned away from the buzz of the main showroom, Button & Sprung will guide visitors through the initial process before leaving them to test the mattresses at their own pace.

With absolute confidence in the quality of its products, Button & Sprung was the first company to offer a 100-night return policy on its mattresses and even dispose of your old mattress too! In addition to this, the company also offers a 10-year product guarantee for further peace of mind.

From growing natural fillings, to creating a cosy haven in the London showroom, Button & Sprung is committed to making bed and mattress buying better.