10 Gifts Worthy of The Royal Wedding


Alexi Lubomirski

With the Royal wedding only a week away, we are all busy looking up Victoria Sponge recipes and trying to perfect our Finger Sandwich slicing technique (is using a ruler too much?).

In the meantime, we got to thinking about what gifts we would bring to the reception - because let's face it, a toaster just won't cut it. Read on to find our royal gift guide - complete with gold plated cutlery set.


1&2. His & Her Watches, £350,000

We know Harry and Meghan probably already have this sorted, but these two pieces from Jaegar-LeCoultre would be the perfect reminder of their happy day. You have to enquire to purchase but after a little digging we estimate these to be around £100,000 (hers) and £250,000 (his).


3. Silver Plated Salt and Pepper Shakers, £2,268

The most classic wedding gift is getting an upgrade. Forget those nifty electric salt and pepper mills that broke after a couple of uses (or let's be honest, were never taken out of the box), these silver plated shakers and tray will take pride of place on the breakfast table. With their beautiful design expect to hear more than one "could you pass the salt please".


4. Louis XIII Le Mathusalem, £60,000

The happy couple can cheers to a lifetime of happiness with this Louis XIII cognac. At £60,000, the 6-litre bottle (complete with its own display chest, tray and glasses) holds enough for the couple to share a glass every anniversary. This is the gift that keeps on giving; the glass decanter has been blown by craftsmen of La Maison Baccarat and is a piece of craftsmanship in its own right. 


5. Versace Gala Dinner Set & Cutlery, £10,638

Another classic wedding gift with a twist. We all know people ask for wedding china that they never use, but when it looks this good we know they would be making an appearance at every meal.


6. Gold Plated Cutlery, £10,450

So, you know someone else has nabbed the Versace dinner set but couldn't stretch to the cutlery. How about a set of silver-plated gilded (24 carat) cutlery in its own gilded stainless steel and walnut storage egg? Now every meal will be a luxury dining experience! And considering that Gold Cutlery makes food taste better, TV dinners will be elevated to the levels of 5-star dining with every mouthful. A lifetime of good dining for £10,436? Bargain. 


7. Graf Von faber-Castell Pen of the Year, £3,950

Give a gift they can put to use at the wedding: a beautiful pen for signing the registry with. Every year, Graf von Faber Castelli produce their "Pen of the Year", of which they only produce 330, making this gift a rare and unique reminder of any wedding. Complete with 3 black marble rings and 18-carat gold nib, it is the most covetable way to sign your marriage into existence.


8. Kusa Tea Set, £60,500

If you know the bride and groom are health-conscious or just love matcha tea then this exquisite tea set is the perfect gift. The exterior base surface is silver, but oxidized black in color, with a criss-crossed latticework of silver above. With so many things being simplified for speed and convenience, gift them a moment of peace and stillness.


9. Burberry Alligator Travel Bag, £28,000


If they're travelling on their honeymoon in First Class then buy them this first class travel bag to make the journey that much smoother. With a zip pocket and three spacious pouch pockets the Burberry alligator travel bag can store and organise those travel documents in style. 


10. Tecknomaster Trunk Set, £99,500

We are all guilty of over packing when we go on holiday, but newlyweds shouldn't have to struggle with this when packing for their honeymoon. The Tecknomonster trunk set with crocodile trim and quilted leather lining houses multiple drawers, belt and watch cases, and a secret compartment. Even if you run out of space in the trunk, it comes with a carry on case for any of those extras that just couldn't squeeze in.


Title Image: Alexi Lubomirski via Harper's Bazaar

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